Ham & Pea Soup

Occasionally at home we buy a big joint of pork when we fancy it. Buying a joint of ham is cost effective and i find a lot nicer than packet ham. This would last us for just over a week. We add the the ham to salads, sandwiches, sauces and even.. you guessed it! An old favourite Ham egg and chips!

To cook the ham

Normally when you buy any type of a joint of meat the label will have some kind of cooking guidelines, which will give you an idea of time and temp depending on its weight. To cook the pork i place the meat in a deep heavy duty pan and fill with boiling water. Make sure the water is at least 2 inches above the meat. Put the hob on a medium heat and bring to the boil, then simmer for an hour and a half. Remember to skim the top off the water for any foamy impurities. Once the ham is cooked remove from the pan and leave to rest with a foil blanket.

Tip: Don't add any extra salt!

Tip: Don’t add any extra salt!

For the soup

Pour away at least a quarter of the stock. Add one chopped onion to the salty stock and leave to boil for 5 mins. Then add the frozen peas. Boil for a further 6 mins. The ratio between Peas and Water should be Pea 3/4, Water 1/4. When the time is up blend the mixture till smooth and silky. Crumble over some cooked ham and a twist of black pepper. There you have it! Ham & Pea Soup!


Frozen Peas 500g (Roughly)

Bacon Joint 1kg (Roughly)

1 Onion

Black Pepper to season

Bon Appétit!

Professional 24cm Stockpot Review



 I purchased this amazing stockpot about six months ago. I was in Tescos with my mum wondering around the home department. I was already looking in other shops for Maslin pan for making jam and ones that i found were quite expensive. So we were looking at the pots and pans and i picked up a cheap one for around £15 because i was getting tired of looking. But mums being mums she convinced me to put it back and have a look at the better quality ones which is where i found this Stockpot! This Pan is a thing of beauty! It has copper bottom for all of you Food perverts out there, which means the copper conducts the heat evenly. It is big enough to cook almost anything, I mean anything! So far i have cooked wondrous things in there including Jam, and i wouldn’t normally be able to do so in a standard pan. Its deep enough for soup, stews, pasta, rice, curry, noodles, potatoes, jam etc..

It is part if the Go Cook Professional Range and has a 25 year Guarantee.

Not to be crude its a good looking piece of kit!

I paid roughly £35 for this pan which in all fairness its a little bit extra to pay but it will last a lot longer than the £15 job!

Link : Professional 24cm Stockpot

This review is of my own personal opinions and is in no way endorsed.