KENWOOD KMix Hand Mixer HM792 Review

The almond kMix Hand Mixer HM792

This hand mixer belongs to the Kenwood kMix range. Compact, clean and designed for everyday use, the kMix HM792 Hand Mixer can be relied upon to help with a variety of food preparation tasks.

kMix Hand Mixer HM792 from Kenwood


The almond kMix Hand Mixer has a powerful 350W motor, and five speeds plus pulse and high quality stainless steel beaters and kneaders for effortless mixing.

The die cast aluminium, ergonomic body has a soft grip handle. The tactile design of this hand mixer makes it both comfortable to use and beautiful to look at.

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I received this electric hand whisk just over a year ago from a wonderful family member for my birthday. I own the kMix Hand Mixer HM792 in Almond/Cream. And i must say it is beautiful! If you like the antique classic style than this colour is a must. There are plenty of different colours to choose from the kMix range, from bright pink to racing green. So there is plenty of choice for everyone. The whisk is light and has excellent grip which is a must! It’s also quite and very smooth. You’ll find that you’re not having to fight against it as some whisks do go a bit crazy. I know it is an expensive piece of kit but if you are looking to invest some money it is worth while. I can see myself making meringues in my wheelchair with this beauty!

This review is not an endorsment.